Who Is This woman?

She seemed to look older each time she appeared to Wilf...

Simply refered to as “The Woman”, she has featured in the 2009 Winter specials of Doctor Who (The End of Time part 1 and 2). “The Woman” was first seen in a church by Wilfrod Mott on December 23rd 2009, she told him about the churches past and about “the sainted physician” who saved it would reappear (meaning the Doctor) then promptly disappeared.

She next appeared to Wilf on Christmas Day, her image appearing on television, which only Wilf could see. She told him that he would have to “take up arms” if the Doctor’s life was to be saved. This time she warned Wilf not to tell the Doctor what she had said. (End of Time part 1)

She appeared once more to Wilf on the Vinvocci’s ship while he claimed to be lost, she said he was found, and that the Doctor was to face his final battle and if he wished to stay alive he had to take arms. Wilf asked who she was, but she remained silent and told him that she was once lost so long ago (and then disappeared).

She appeared alongside Rassilion, meaning that she was some sort of Time Lady.

She seemed to be a mysterious Time Lady, who could be seen in a Weeping Angel position beside Rassilion. She and another Time Lord seemed to be the only two to object to Rassilion’s Final Solution. When the Doctor looked at her, she briefly uncovered her face and looked at the Doctor. They seemed to share some sort of connection. She Shed a single tear, and looked at the Diamond ( A Silverpoint Star) that was being used for Rassilion’s plan. The Doctor then shoots the star and sends Rassilion and the Time Lords (including “The Woman”) back into the last great Time War.

After the Doctor had defeated Rassilion Wilf asked the Doctor who she was, but the Doctor fell silent (End of Time part 2).



  • She must have known Wilf somehow or she possesses  phsycic abilities because she had knowledge of his actions in the line of duty (he never shot or killed anyone) .
  • When She visited Wilf the first time she looked older than she did when we saw her later with Rassilion. So this means that she must have survived the Time War somehow.
  • On Christmas Day When she appeared to Wilf through his TV, everyone else including Donna and Sylvia Noble couldn’t see her. So this means she must have other strong abilities.
  • Again, on the Vonvocci ship she appears to Wilf again. So they must have some kind of connection.
  • Then later on we see her with Rassilion coming through the “invincible Gate”, so this gives us the strong impression that she is a Time Lady.
  • When the Doctor shares a glance with her they seem to recognize each other, or posses a connection.



  • In the Final script written by Russell T Davies, she is not given a name. But as he say’s in Doctor Who: The Writers Tale – The Final Chapter, he states that he created the character to be the Doctor’s mother and this is what actress Claire Bloom was told when she got the role. During shooting for parts 1 and 2 newspapers The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail reported that she is the Doctors mother, but in none of the episodes she is labeled as the Doctor’s mother.
  • Also Russell T Davies acknowledges that she could be any trustworthy Time person, and that the Doctor and her were personal friends.
  • She could be a former companion of the Doctor’s including Romana, a regenerated Susan, or even a future regenerated half-time lord Donna Noble. In the script she is acknowledged as “The Woman” which in italian translates to “la Donna”.

Do you have any information or input on this Woman, because I nor anyone else seems to have a solid detail on this womans identity. Even the writers and creators themselves can’t seem to decide who she really is, all we can do is wait for further appearances and put 2 and 2 together to form our answer.

(please post your theories below)



  1. Rose!

  2. Maybe if she came from the paralell universe, but I highly doubt it. But anythings possible 😀
    Thanks Angus

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