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First Clip From ‘The Eleventh Hour’

March 20, 2010

Heres a clip I got of Den of Geek which is from the first episode of Series 5, ‘The Eleventh Hour’.


2011 Series Confirmed

March 20, 2010

Doctor Who’s Executive Producer Piers Wenger has confirmed the next series of Doctor Who, it will be the 32nd series and will be shown in 2011.

Wenger also confirmed that indeed, 11th Doctor Matt Smith will continue to play the Doctor in next year’s  series. Shooting for Series 5 will end this weekend, giving the cast and crew a weeks break before shooting this years christmas special and the 2011 series.


Series 5 ‘Eleventh Hour’ Promo Pics

March 13, 2010

The BBC have posted several new promo pics for the first episode of the upcoming series – The Eleventh Hour. ‘The Eleventh Hour’ will air on Saturday, 3rd April (only in the UK). Click on the Images below for bigger resolution.


Doctor Who on Nintendo Wii?

March 12, 2010

Is Nintendo developing a Doctor Who game for their Wii console? We think yes, The Sun reports that BBC Worldwide have secured a multi-million (10 Million pounds to be precise) contract with Nintendo to develope a Doctor Who game for their two main consoles, the Wii and DS.

The game is said to be in the early stages of production and will feature Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor with monsters and villians such as Cybermen, Daleks and Silurians. A BBC insider has said “This has been in the pipeline for years. We’re delighted to have finally nailed down a deal. We went with Nintendo as they have huge appeal for families and Doctor Who is very much a family brand.” and “The Wii console is key for us as it’s something families play together.”

The Inside added “BBC Worldwide, which licenses BBC shows, has been trying to find some way of doing it. But you can’t have Doctor Who blowing things to bits with a laser gun. That would massively change the nature of the show”.

Also The Sun talked  to 10th Doctor David Tennat about the issues involved with it being kept from coming out before now was the treatment of the Doctor’s charater. Tennant said that “The video game was quite actively developed, but it’s difficult to nail as the Doctor doesn’t blow things up. He’s not Batman, who goes around smacking people in the head.”

It has been said that the production will be kept close under BBC supervision in the key production stages from becoming to violent.


Series 5 “Vampires in Venace” Script leaked

February 22, 2010

WARNING: The following contains potential spoilers, although the following does not reveal any proper info just some dialouge. Please don’t read if you don’t want spoilers.

Thanks to the good ol’ internet, even more spoilers are being leaked from production of series 5. The latest being an extract from  suposably the sixth episode entitled “Vampires in Venace”. From what we gathered from the S5 trailer there seems to be an episode revolded around vampires, and yes the location seems most likely venice.

Here is a excpert from episode Sixth episode entitled Vampires In Venice written by Toby Whithouse:


I want Rory to see it too. So I’m sending you somewhere. Together.


What, like a date?


Anywhere you want, any time you want. One condition: it has to be amazing. The Moulin Rouge in 1890! The first Olympic games! Think of it as a wedding present. Because frankly it’s either this or tokens.


What do you think Rory?

Rory says nothing. Still hunched against his pillar. The Doctor smiles understandingly. He knows what this is about.


It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it. Tiny box, huge room inside: what’s that about? Let me explain…

Give us your thoughts on this, thank you to Life, Doctor Who and Combom for the image and cheers to Blogter Who for the excpert.


New promo pic featuring Matt Smith and Karen Gillian

February 17, 2010

Matt Smith and Karen Gillian (11th Doctor and Amy Pond) are seen here falling through a watery time vortex with Daleks and Weeping Angels surrounding them. This image was released for the upcoming series and can been viewed in a lager format for wallpapers (go to the Wallpapers page).


Series 5 Trailer

February 16, 2010

With David Tennant’s era as the 10th Doctor over, a new era for Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor begins. And as you can see it starts of with a bang, with appearances from Weeping Angels (“Blink”), Daleks (to many appearances to count), Vampires and so much more………………

Tune in for some theories and inside info.