Doctor Who voted top screen Physician

March 13, 2010

OnePoll, an online marketing research site has recently ran a poll on who is the best Doctor on screen and our Doctor came first place! Going up against the likes of Doc Brown (Back to the Future triliogy), Spock (Star Trek) and Dr Evil (Austin Powers movies) our top Time Lord took out the trophy.

A OnePoll representative even whent asfar to say Doctor Who “a national Treasure’. In a close second came Dr Emmit Brown from the Back to the Future movies. Below is a table of the top ten screen doctor’s:

The Top Ten Screen Doctors:
1. The Doctor Doctor Who
2. Doc Brown Back to the Future
3. Doctor Kennedy Neighbours
4. Doctor Evil Austin Powers
5. Spock(!) Star Trek
6. Ross Geller Friends
7. Doctor Dolittle Doctor Dolittle
8. Perry Cox Scrubs
9. Douglas Ross E.R.
10. Doctor Watson Sherlock Holmes

(thanks to http://www.gallifreynewsbase.blogspot.com for the list)


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